Hunky mob attorney James Serrano has winning tough cases on his mind, not
love, when Gina Griffin enters his life.  And when he finds himself helping her,
although she happens to be opposing counsel, he realizes that he just may
have found what he’s been searching for all his life.  And there's something so
familiar about her. . .

A struggling attorney and single parent just trying to make ends meet, Gina
Griffin isn’t looking for love either.  Too hungry for that big case that can propel
her floundering career, it would take more than a dazzling smile to dazzle her.  
But when she meets James, and his kindness and protectiveness overwhelms
her, it feels as if she’d finally met her soul mate.  And when they both realizes
that they met before, and under very consequential circumstances, they must
decide to come together or be torn apart.  And when they realize other forces
may make that decision for them, they join forces in a way that could solidify
them forever.

Gentleman James and Gina is the latest heart stopping edition of the Rags to
Romance Romantic Suspense Thriller series.

Joey is gone, but his confusion and drama lives on as
more family members are implicated in his scheme.  
But when Teddy’s woman gets caught up in the blow-
back, he has no choice but to go to his father for help.

Teddy’s father, the vicious boss of all bosses, Mick
Sinatra, is fond of Nikki, too, and the idea that
somebody decided to use her to get to them doesn’t
sit well with him either.  Father and son join forces and
will leave no stone unturned as they seek to utterly
destroy those who wish to do Nikki, and their family,

Teddy Sinatra: The Heat Is On is the latest installment
of the red hot romantic suspense series.

versus GABRINI
          FAMILY AT WAR
          by Mallory Monroe

A shocking death in the Sinatra family and a Gabrini is to blame.  Mob boss Sal
Gabrini and his uncle, boss of all bosses Mick Sinatra, find themselves on
opposite sides of a deadly battle when Mick the Tick will stop at nothing to
avenge what he views as cold-blooded murder.  The Gabrinis stick together.
The Sinatras stick together.  Until both sides realize that more may be at work
than meets the eye, and instead of playing each other, they themselves may be
getting played.

        and the

anet Evans never got a break in life, but she refuses to let it kill
her spirit.  She works hard and lives life to its fullest.  But when
she meets gorgeous billionaire Richard Shetfield, her entire world
changes.  And suddenly the girl always relegated to the back of
every room becomes the belle of the ball as Richard, enamored
with her, treats her like a queen.

But when his lady love becomes the target of those who don’t
want her at the ball, let alone as its belle, Richard has no choice
but to go on the warpath to protect the only woman he’s ever
loved, and secure his own heart’s desire.


Frankie “the Monk” Paletti is poised to become the head of the
Bonaducci crime family and Ashley Sinatra, the daughter of Big
Daddy Charles Sinatra, wants to be right by his side.  Problem is,
everybody’s not happy with Monk as boss, and a black lady as
the boss’s woman.  They will do whatever it takes to change that
dynamic.  But Ashley has another problem too.  She suddenly
realizes that she’s fallen, not just for a dominant man, but for a
man so domineering she may lose herself in him.  Will their
differences and all of the forces against them tear them apart, or
will it all only work to solidify their love?

Monk Paletti: Commanding Love is the second book in the Monk
Paletti Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller series.


Oz Drakos is in love with Gloria Sinatra, the
daughter of boss of all bosses Mick Sinatra, but
he doesn’t know how to nurture that love.  Still
behaving as if he’s that same fun-loving man he’s
known as, he all but alienates Gloria to the point
of no return.  But when his international enterprise
is under assault from an enemy he is unable to
identify, and when his inattention causes his lady
love to find love in another man’s arms, he knows
he has to fight like he’s never fought before to win
her back, and to keep his enemies at bay.

Oz Drakos:
He Wants Her Back is the second
book in the Oz Drakos Romantic Suspense Thriller


Katherine “Kay” Laine is poised
to become the first black woman
to serve as President of the
United States.  If that wasn’t
enough of a jolt to her system,
she is hit with a situation from
her past ten days before the
election.  The only person that can help her now is
the very person who once broke her heart.  But
time and need collide, and she has no choice but
to seek his help.

Nicholas “Nico” Bacard is nobody’s knight in
shining armor.  A former fixer for the mob, he’s
now one of the most notorious mob bosses in the
world who stays under the radar by fixing
problems for powerful people who keeps his face
out of the papers and his name off of the
government’s watch list.  But when the only
woman he has ever loved calls in need of his help,
he is more than willing to become her knight.  He
sets aside all to help Kay.  But after he helps her,
and after she achieves her lifelong goal and
becomes president, will she want him tomorrow?

The President’s Boyfriend is a fast-paced
romantic thriller that answers the age-old
question: can two people find true love when the
entire world opposes their union?

NOW AVAILABLE            
by Mallory Monroe

Frankie the Monk Paletti, the no-nonsense
enforcer in the Bonaducci Crime Family, is a man’
s man who doesn’t have time for fools or ladies.  
His idea of fun is when nobody’s bothering him.  
But when he and his best friend, Teddy Sinatra,
stop by Teddy’s uncle’s house, Monk finds himself
unable to take his eyes off of one of the uncle’s
daughters: the bad one.  And soon he finds
himself, the eternal bachelor, ready to give his all
for the love of a woman he sees as nothing but
good and kind and sexy in a way that keeps him
up nights.

Ashley Sinatra, the adopted daughter of
businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra and the
niece of preeminent crime boss Mick Sinatra, is
always looking for love in all the wrong places.  
But when she meets The Monk, who looks and
talks like a gangster straight out of an old movie,
she realizes she just met the bad boy of all bad
boys.  He’s even too bad for her!  Until he shows
her a kindness and gentleness no man had ever
shown her before.

Monk Paletti: Taming Ashley Sinatra is the first
book in the Monk and Ashley Romantic Suspense
Thriller series.


Mick “The Tick” Sinatra, the boss of all bosses, is
at a breaking point.  His organization in Rome has
been infiltrated and the Feds are closer than ever
before to tearing the whole thing down.  His oldest
daughter’s mother, Bella Caine, has decided to
reassert herself into his life by giving him what no
other woman can give to him: insider information
on a rival organization, an organization Mick
believes is behind the infiltration.  And his beloved
wife, African-American actress Roz Graham-
Sinatra, is having a career crisis of her own and is
fed up with Mick’s neglect.  He used to always be
there for her, but now that Bella is front and center
in his life again, he’s hardly ever around.  And he’s
not around when she needs him the most.  She
gets emotional support from a close friend, a
powerful producer, who also happens to be in love
with her.

At first, Mick is jealous and enraged and believes
reminding that producer of just who Roz’s
husband really is will be the end of that “emotional
support” he was giving to her, but Mick quickly
realizes that his ruthless scare tactics aren’t going
to be enough this time.  Because Roz leaves him.  
She will no longer settle for his leftover time and
leftover love.  Her decision causes Mick to do
something he is unaccustomed to doing: to
confront his own failures as a husband, and to
fight with all he has to regain the love and trust of
his wife.

And if that doesn’t work, he’ll beg.

Mick Sinatra: Needing Her Again is another
gripping installment in the Mick Sinatra Romantic
Suspense Thriller series.


Hammer Reese, the former CIA
Director and current Special Ops
chief, has loved only one woman in
his life, a gorgeous black woman
named Amelia Sinatra. Problem is,
he has no clue about commitment.

Amelia Sinatra is nobody’s side
piece.  Like her notorious half-
brothers, Mick Sinatra and
Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, she
doesn’t suffer fools well and plays
for keeps when you play with her.  
And true to her genes, she's back,
once again, in that mob life her
brothers fought so desperately
to get her out of.  And Hammer, too
busy doing the government's dirty
work, doesn’t realize she's back in
the game either.

But when Hammer breaks her heart
once again, a break that causes
Amelia to throw in the towel of ever
becoming Mrs. Hamilton Reese and
leaves him for good, he knows it is
going to take the wooing of his life
to win her back.   But while he is
trying to woo her back, he realizes
there are forces at work trying to
destroy her completely.  Hammer
isn’t about to let the love of his life
slip through his hands again, not
because of his own actions, and
especially not because of somebody

Amelia Sinatra:
What Hammer Wants
is the explosive second book in the
Amelia Sinatra/Hammer Reese
Romantic Suspense Thriller series.

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MaeBelle Marie
(a standalone novel)
Mallory Monroe
(a pseudonym of Teresa McClain-Watson)

MaeBelle Marie, an updated and
abridged version of Stay In My Corner,
an earlier work, tells the harrowing story
of one woman’s journey from a tragic,
abusive childhood to a triumphant love
affair with the man of her dreams.  But
will he still love her when he finds out all
about her?

It’s three weeks before Mae’s wedding to
wealthy businessman and gorgeous
philanthropist Sullivan “Sully” Tarver.  
Already jittery about making such a life-
altering commitment, she receives a visit
from a stranger who gives her news that
terrifies her.  Her daughter, she’s told,
has killed a rich man in Mississippi,
down on the Delta, and they’re talking
about giving her the death penalty.  Mae
must go, but not before leaving a
recording that chronicles her
heartbreaking life story, a life story Sully
knew nothing about.  Already a man who
has bucked his disapproving family and
entire social circle to be with Mae, Sully
knows he will have to put it all on the
line after hearing her story.  But at what
cost is love ultimately worth?

In a love story for the ages, MaeBelle
Marie is a heartbreaking, poignant,
riveting standalone novel by Mallory
Monroe, a pseudonym of award-winning
and bestselling literary author
Teresa McClain-Watson.

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Girlfriend series.

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